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The order page has a very easy one time sign up process to personalize your tours and place your order.  Secure online payments are also accepted via Stripe if that is your preferred method. 

All packages include a branded and unbranded virtual tours, mls sized and high resolution files easily available for download.  


Please use the square footage recommendations as a guide.  If you have an extra large yard or need a nearby park etc photographed, please upgrade to the next package.    

0000-1500 square feet 15 images   |   $135

1501-2500 square feet 25 images   |   $160

2501-3500 square feet 35 images   |   $180

3501-4500 square feet 45 images   |   $200

4501-5500 square feet 55 images   |   $225

5501-6500 square feet 65 images   |   $250

6500-7500 square feet 75 images   |   $275

7501-9999 square feet 85 images   |   $300

Travel Area:
Tonka Real Estate Photography is based in Minnetrista, MN.  Our coverage area is primarily the West Metro and Minneapolis.  Some properties may be subject to a travel fee.  If a fee applies, clients will be notified asap and before scheduling is complete.  

Photo Delivery:
Photos will be delivered by 5pm the day after the shoot.  Twilights and other special shoots may require a 48 hour turnaround time.  

Cancellation Policy:
We understand properties will not always be ready to shoot at the scheduled time.  It is the clients responsibility to reschedule as soon as possible.  If the shoot needs to be rescheduled within 24 hours of the shoot time a $50 cancellation fee will be assessed.  If a shoot needs to be rescheduled after the photographer has already arrived at the property a $100 fee will be assessed.  In the unlikely event of bad weather in Minnesota, it is Tonka Real Estate Photography's judgement as to whether or not there will be a reschedule required. There is no cancellation fee for a weather based reschedule if it is determined as such by Tonka Real Estate Photography.

Payment is due prior to delivery of the images. Credit card payments are available through Stripe, and checks are also accepted. Photo release is not granted until payment is made in full.  Client will be asked to stop use of the images for all purposes until payment is completed.  Continued use of photos without proper release may result in legal action.  Late payments will result in late fees of up to $50.  

Photo coverage:
Tonka Real Estate Photographers are professional real estate photographers, and will deliver what they deem to be the most marketable rooms and angles.  It is their sole discretion to make those decisions.  As always, we are happy to deliver specific client requests.  

Home preparation:
Please see our home prep guide.  It is in PDF form and can be easily shared with homeowners.  

It is the clients responsibility to have the home ready for photography at the scheduled time.  We are happy to make minor adjustments upon arrival, and will give advice where we can.  Ultimately, we are photographers, not property stagers or cleaners.  Thus we are not responsible for unwanted items or a home's cleanliness.  

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